Tips for companies' online filing at

The online filing service is only available in Finnish and in Swedish.

Client support

Telephone advisory service, Monday–Friday 9.00–16.15 (local network charge/mobile call charge):

Trade Register’s Advisory Service
+358 29 509 5700

Tax Administration’s advisory service / Limited liability companies (Oy)
+358 29 497 051

Tax Administration’s advisory service / Private traders, general partnerships, limited partnerships
+358 29 497 051

You can send a support request using our online form.

Also read our instructions on how to change the company address and contact details.

How to log on to the online filing service and sign notifications

You can file your notification online if

  • you are at least 18 years old
  • you have a Finnish personal identity code
  • you have your own personal internet banking codes, a mobile certificate, or an electronic identity card (HST card).

How to pay the handling fee

Pay the handling fee through the online filing service after you have signed the notification.

The notification can also be paid by someone else than the person filing or signing the notification.

You can pay the fees:

  • from the company’s bank account using internet banking codes;
  • with the company’s credit card;
  • from the bank account of some other party using internet banking codes; or
  • with the credit card of some other party.

Housing companies and mutual real estate limited companies can pay the fees also by using an online invoice.

Notifications that are subject to a fee, such as start-up notifications of limited liability companies or changes to persons responsible for the limited liability company, will not be processed or registered until the fee is paid. Read more about the prices.

List of notifications and authorising representatives

The online filing service shows a list of the notifications that you or your company has filed.

Your role in the company determines the extent of your rights to view notifications. Authorised representatives or persons who, according to law, are responsible for filing start-up notifications or notifications of changes can view notifications that they or their company has filed.

Unauthorised representatives can only view notifications that they have filed themselves.

Read our instructions on authorisations.

Choose only online notifications at

When filing a notification in the online filing service at, you can choose that in the future, your company will file notifications online only. If you choose only online notifications, the Finnish Trade Register and the Finnish Tax Administration will not accept paper forms (Y forms) from your company.

Go to to read more about choosing only online notifications (in Finnish).

Go to to read more about choosing only online notifications (in Swedish).