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Compatibility with web browsers and operating systems

The website has been tested to be compatible with up-to-date and the most common combinations of web browsers (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari) and operating systems on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

If the pages do not load correctly, try the following:

  • empty the cache
  • close your web browser (all windows) and start again, or
  • shutdown and restart your computer.


We are committed to making the website accessible in accordance with the law. Open the accessibility statement for

In making the contents available, every effort is made to keep the information up-to-date and accurate. The PRH is not responsible for any expenses or damage incurred by the user because of errors that might exist on the site. Nor is the PRH responsible for any harm caused by technical errors.

The PRH owns the copyright to the texts and images published on the website.

The text materials can be used and linked freely as long as the source is acknowledged. Use of the material for commercial purposes requires prior agreement with the PRH.

Handling of personal data

The PRH is committed to protecting the privacy and personal data of visitors to the website, as required by the Personal Data Act. We do not collect data that would make it possible to identify individual visitors.


The website uses session cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is sent to the user's computer and stored on the computer. Cookies do not damage the user’s computer or files.

If you do not want cookies to be stored on your device or browser, block cookies in your browser settings. You can block the cookies either before or during using the website.

Necessary cookies

Necessary cookies are important to the website’s features and technical functions, and the site does not work without them. These cookies cannot be blocked.

Cookies used by our website publishing system

The website publishing system was developed by Abako Oy. The system uses session cookies. They are stored in the computer's memory during a browsing session and deleted when the browser is closed.

Analytics cookies

Analytics cookies are used to track visitors’ activities on the website and to make analyses, which help us to make the website more functional and user-friendly.

Our website uses the Snoobi Analytiikka service. The details are collected anonymously and do not include personally identifiable information.

The analytics contain details about:

  • The level of use on the website overall and on individual pages
  • Average durations of visits
  • The address that referred to the user to our site
  • Web browsers and operating systems
  • The user’s IP address in an anonymous form

Read more about the cookies used by the Snoobi Analytiikka service on the Snoobi Technology website.Open link in a new tab