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Open data

The PRH open data service enables you to search, browse and download data from the Finnish Business Information System (BIS) in a machine-readable format for free.

The service provides the basic details of

  • limited liability companies
  • housing companies
  • co-operatives
  • insurance companies
  • public limited companies

No company email addresses are included.

The purpose of the PRH open data is to enable you to retrieve data and then modify it using other applications or systems. Read more on the PRH website.Open link in a new tab

Please note that if you are just an occasional user, you can make simple searches using the BIS company search, rather than using this more complex service. Go to the company search.Open link in a new tab

Other services using BIS data

Finnish Business Information System (BIS) data are also provided by information service companies. For more details, please contact the following companies: