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Search instructions

You can use the BIS company search to search for information about companies or associations that have a Business ID. You can search by name, Business ID or LEI code.

Type the name of the company or association, or part of it, as a search term. The system will search for company names with the sequence of letters you have given. Tick the “Word search" box if you want to search by the exact company name. The system asks you to specify your search if there are more than 200 results.

Type the Business ID if you know it.

Type the LEI code if you know it.

Use the drop-down menu under “Company form" to search for companies or organisations according to company form.

Under “Sort", you can select whether you want the companies or organizations to be listed in alphabetical order or according to Business ID. If you select “Business ID", the company or association with the lowest-numbered Business ID will be at the top of the list.

Under “Filtering", you can select to search for both active and closed down businesses. The default is active (“valid") businesses.

Press the “Search" button. Click the Business ID to get access to the details of the company or association.

More details in the PRH Information Services

You'll find more details from the Trade Register or the Register of Foundations, enterprise mortgage details or financial statements in the PRH Virre Information Service.

Go to Virre Information Service. Open link in a new tab

You'll find more details from the Register of Associations in the PRH Information Service of the Register of Associations. Go to the Information Service of the Register of Associations.Open link in a new tab