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Notification of changes – farmers and forest owners

Farmers are agricultural operators. Agricultural operators include self-employed individuals conducting agricultural and forestry operations, spouses conducting such operations together, and estates of deceased people conducting such operations.

Forest owners, or forestry operators, are private individuals, estates or spouses owning forest together.

If changes occur in your agricultural operation, please file a notification of changes immediately so as to make sure your details in the Tax Administration’s VAT register, prepayment register and register of employers are up-to-date.

On the same notification form, you can also register in or file changes to the Trade Register maintained by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. The Company Search function of the Business Information System allows you to check your current registration status and contact details.

Submit a notification of changes online

You can change the following details online:

  • address and contact information
  • company name
  • parallel company name
  • auxiliary company name and its line of business
  • line of business
  • place of registered office
  • changes to the VAT register, prepayment register and register of employers
  • the main line of business (for the Tax Administration)
  • the accounting period (for the Tax Administration)

Notification of changes to the Tax Administration’s registers can be submitted free of charge. The Trade Register, however, charges a fee for the handling of the notifications, except where address and contact details are concerned. See the prices on link in a new tab

Log in to the online service at ytj.fiOpen link in a new tab

Alternatively, you can submit a notification of changes on paper (Form Y6). You can find the form and related instructions at the end of this page. Complete the form on your computer and print it out in A4 format. Sign the form and send it to the address stated on the form. If you use paper forms to submit information to the Trade Register, pay the handling fee in advance and enclose the receipt.