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Notification of termination - foreign businesses

Branch of a foreign trader

A branch of a foreign trader is a part of a foreign organization or foundation that runs a continuous business or trade in Finland, from a permanent place of business located in this country.

Read the instructions on closing a branch of a foreign trader at link in a new tab

Foreign businesses only in the Tax Administration’s registers

If a foreign corporate entity, partnership or self-employed individual ends its operations in Finland, it must file a notification of termination of business.

Read more about ending business operations on link in a new tab

Use our paper forms to file notifications

Businesses and organisations file the notification of termination on form Y4.

Branches of foreign enterprises file the notification on form Y4 and the appendix form 15.

Partnerships file the notification on form Y5.

Self-employed individuals file the notification on form Y6.

Termination notifications are free of charge.

It is not yet possible for foreign businesses to report termination of business online. Please note that the forms are available only in Finnish and in Swedish.

Please scroll down for the forms and the instructions.

Fill in the form with appendices - either in Finnish or in Swedish - on your computer, then print it at A4 size, and send it to the address given on the form.