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Start-up notification - religious communities and local communities

Religious communities and their local communities file a start-up notification with the Register of Religious Communities maintained by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH).

File the notification using paper form Y1a. Also, use appendix form 12B for the PRH and appendix form 6212 for the Finnish Tax Administration. Please note that the forms are only available in Finnish and in Swedish.

You will find the forms at the end of this page.

Go to to see the handling fee and get further instructions on filing a start-up notification for religious communities and local communities with the PRH.Open link in a new tab

File your details with the Tax Administration using appendix paper form 6212

Even if a religious community is issued a Business ID once its start-up notification has been registered, its details filed with the Register of Religious Communities are not forwarded to the Tax Administration. Once established, a religious community can register as a client of the Tax Administration by filling in the appendix form 6212 of the Tax Administration in addition to the form Y1a.

Filing notifications with the Tax Administration is free of charge. It is not possible to file the notification online.

The form 6212 must be filled when, for example, a religious community is entered in the VAT Register, Employer Register or Prepayment Register maintained by the Tax Administration, or when a religious community reports that it is starting business activities. If a religious community does not consider its activity to be VAT liable, the community must file a separate report on how their activity meets the requirements for VAT exemption.

Enclose the following documents with the form 6212:

  • agenda and budget; and
  • the requirements for VAT exemption: a reasoned report on why the community does not consider its activity to be VAT liable (read the instructions about VAT liability in the instructions below).

You will find further information about the details that need to be filed with the Tax Administration in the instructions below.

Download paper forms