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Notification of changes - general partnerships and limited partnerships

If changes occur within your partnership, you must immediately file a notification of changes with us to keep your records up-to-date at the PRH Trade Register, and in the VAT Register, Prepayment Register and Employer Register at the Finnish Tax Administration.

Notification of changes online

You can notify us about changes to the following details online:

  • address and contact details
  • partners
  • company name, parallel company names
  • auxiliary company names and their lines of business
  • place of registered office
  • managing director
  • holders of procuration
  • line(s) of business to be reported to the Trade Register
  • partnership agreement
  • resignation or termination of the appointment of persons holding a responsible position or other persons whose details have been registered
  • accounting period to be reported to the Tax Administration
  • main line of business to be reported to the Tax Administration
  • details entered in the VAT Register, Prepayment Register and Employer Register
  • actual beneficial owners and notifying the Trade Register of the termination of your role as a beneficial owner (general partnerships and limited partnerships are liable to file a notification only if the beneficial owner is not a partner.)

Most notifications of change to the Trade Register are subject to a fee. It is however free of charge to file changes to your address or contact details. See the prices on the PRH websiteOpen link in a new tab .

Please note that online filing is only available in Finnish and in Swedish.

If you want to report the changes using paper form Y5, you will find the form and instructions at the end of this page. Fill in the form - either in Finnish or in Swedish - on your computer, then print it in A4 size, and send it to the address given on the form.

  • To file changes only with the Tax Administration, or changes to address or contact details only, use form Y5.
  • To file most common changes, use form Y5 and the Personal Data Form.
  • If your general partnership or limited partnership is being changed into a limited liability company or public limited company, use form Y5, Appendix Form 1 in Finnish or in Swedish, and the Personal Data Form.
  • To continue business as a private trader, fill in form Y5, form Y3, and the Personal Data Form.