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Start-up notification forms – farmers, agricultural and forestry taxpayers

Self-employed people who operate a farm or a forestry unit by themselves or with a spouse, and estates of deceased individuals that continue to operate a farm or forestry unit are treated as agricultural taxpayers.

Owners of forest land who are private individuals or spouses who share the ownership, and estates of deceased individuals that own forest, are treated as forestry taxpayers.

A start-up notification filed on paper

If you sign up only for the registers maintained by the Tax Administration, the form to file is Start-Up Notification Y3. Also complete the enclosure form for personal data. Signing up for the Tax Administration’s registers is free of charge. For forms, see the end of this page. Complete the form, print it out in the A4 format, authorise it with your signature and send it to the address stated on the form.

You can e-file the start-up notification form if you are registering not only with the Tax Administration but also with the Trade Register. To ask for the Trade Register to register your business name is subject to a fee.

You get a Finnish Business ID

If you file on paper, the Business ID will be ready in approximately two days after you have completed the start-up notification form. This means that your newly issued Business ID will be put up on the BIS website in two or three days after you have handed in the completed form or sent it to us by post. Check the Business ID from Company searchOpen link in a new tab .

However, the waiting time necessary for registration in the Tax Administration’s VAT register, prepayment register and employer register is usually three weeks.

Do you have a Business ID?

If you are already a holder of a Business ID, i.e. you have had a registered agricultural, forestry or business operation previously, you should not file the start-up notification. Instead, complete the “Notification on changes or termination", either electronically or by completing the Y6 paper form and enclosing the personal data form. If you do this, you must use the same Business ID as before.