How to sign notifications online

A company’s notifications can be signed online by:

  • a member or the chairperson of the board of directors of a limited liability company, housing company, mutual real estate limited company, or co-operative, or, when filing changes, also the house manager of a housing company or a mutual real estate limited company, or the managing director
  • the private trader
  • partners in general partnerships
  • general partners in limited partnerships.

If a corporation is a partner in a general partnership or limited partnership, the corporation cannot sign a notification online.

Holders of procuration or persons authorised to represent the company cannot sign a Trade Register notification.

Persons registered at the Trade Register before 1994

The details of board members, managing directors, house managers, and partners registered at the Trade Register before 1994 do not include their personal identity codes, which is why they cannot sign notifications of changes online.

Please inform the Trade Register of their personal identity codes to give them access to online signing. The notification is free of charge.

Read our instructions in Finnish.

Read our instructions in Swedish.

Are you signing a notification filled in by someone else?

If someone else has filled in the notification and you are signing it, proceed as follows:

  1. Log into the online service at using your personal internet banking codes, your mobile ID, or your electronic identity card (HST card). Please note that the service is only available in Finnish and in Swedish.
  2. Select “Yrityksen perustaminen"/"Grunda företag" if you are starting a company, or “Yrityksen tietojen muutokset"/"Ändra företagets uppgifter" if you are filing changes.
  3. Enter either the filing ID (“ilmoitusnumero"/"nummer för anmälan") of the notification or the Business ID (“Y-tunnus" /“FO-nummer") of your company. Use the filing ID if you are a new person responsible for the company (e.g. a board member or the managing director).
  4. Select “Jatka"/“Fortsätt" to continue.

If you entered the filing ID, you will be directed straight to the signing page.

If you entered the Business ID, you will first be asked to select the notification you want to sign.

On the signing page, confirm that you have checked the notification. Select whether your company will only use the online service or also paper forms for filing changes in future (not applicable to changes of address). See also “Signature and filing of future changes" below.

Signature and filing of future changes

Before signing your notification, the online service will ask you to select one of the following:

  • “Vain sähköiset ilmoitukset ovat sallittuja"/"Endast e-anmälningar accepteras" if online notifications are accepted only.
  • “Ilmoituksia saa vastaanottaa myös paperilomakkeina"/"Anmälningar får tas emot även på pappersblanketter" if paper notifications can also be accepted.

If you choose online notifications only, the Finnish Trade Register and the Finnish Tax Administration will not accept paper forms (Y forms) from your company. In this way, you make sure that no one but authorised persons can file notifications for your company in future.

You can change your selection the next time you file an online notification with the Trade Register or the Tax Administration and select the other option.

Make your selection when signing any of the following notifications:

  • start-up notification (if there are several persons signing, only one of them makes the selection);
  • notification of changes (excluding changes of address and contact details, and the notification of termination of an appointment recorded in the register);
  • notification of beneficial owners.

Currently, it is not possible to submit just the information that the company will only use online notifications.